QR Codes Connection for Day Laborers, Licensed Professionals, Contract Workers, Musicians, Performing Artists and Mobile People

QR Codes With Job Connection Info

At big box hardware stores, people are often seen promoting their skills, trucks and availability to work for you. The Mariachi Plaza in Los Angeles Boyle Heights is a place to show off your musical talents to connect with gigs. On Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, an informal gathering of performing artists show off their costumes and artistry to tourists in the crowded sidewalks. In various parks, beaches and streets you will see a number of artists and musicians performing for tips or selling paintings and drawings. What’s missing from this scene?

QR Codes to quickly connect potential employers and customers to your talents, skills and products. For customers, it may be inconvenient to talk with all the people lining up in the parking lot at the time, but just flash your QR Code and smile so that the potential employers can snap your photo with your QR Code. This will give you at least the chance for talking with customers later at their convenience. Become visible to the digital world!

Safer than a Business Card

QR Codes also provide the advantage of exchanging information from a safe distance – a “no touch” solution, especially important during pandemics like COVID-19. Safer than a business card, and more convenient with cross-platform access. See the mgoldmine.com link below to create your own custom QR Code for Jobs. A convenient compromise is a business card with your QR Code combined. An alternative or an enhancement based on your immediate locus and potential connections cross-media.

If you’re multi-talented, build additional QR Codes for each type of talent. A great dancer who also can design building structures or whisper to cats in heat? Currently in training to be a Solar Panel Technologist? Let your network know you’ll be ready soon.

Sample Job Connection QR Code -
Scan with your camera...

In addition to your name and mobile phone number, just a few words about the talents you are offering to customers will quickly be scanned by an interested customer when you flash your QR Code. Pose with the QR Code below your face, and you have now established a connection and introduction to enable potential jobs in the future. You can also include your city, ZIP code and state. If you’re mobile and on-the-go, no need to display a complete address.

If you have a social media address, that may be helpful, but even better would be a link to your LinkedIn address. Focus on your skills and training. You’re marketing your work, or artistry, not your soul.

Some diligent trekkers on the go may also wish to share their contact phone with others along the way, just to make friends, not necessarily looking for work. Just flash your QR Code and smile. Sometimes a smile in return beats a job or sale. At a social gathering, party or celebration, or even a demonstration, it may be smart to keep your QR Code handy, as well. You never know. Beats a business card or a resume.

Declare Your Work Offer or Products

When you open the Free QR Code form at the mgoldmine.com link below, you will be presented with a list of items you can enter. It’s OK to leave any field blank, except for the Phone number. If you don’t have a phone, or you’re just testing, you can enter a set of zeros. Otherwise, all blank items will not appear on your QR Code, except for a blank Name. The program will insert a question mark if the Name is blank, as a reminder. The items on the form include the following:
Training may include any school, degree or certificate you have either completed or are currently working on. A contractor’s license is not needed for day laborers. Vendors and artists may wish to list the types of items they sell under ‘Products’. Just a few words will be best for any item. No information you provide will be verified in any way.

Gender will open a selection box for Male, Female or Open. If you don’t like any of these options, just don’t select any. The Gender item will not be displayed on your QR Code if nothing is selected. This is only meant to help with the hiring process, although men and women can usually do very well with most types of work.

You can also leave out your current city, state, ZIP code and country if you are on the move. You can also make several QR Codes for different locations. You declare that you are available to do these types of work in these areas at this particular time. Use the Message field to indicate your availability or eagerness to do good work. If you want an employer to contact you, obviously you will need to provide an accurate phone number or email. Your QR Code will also help you test the phone or email links you list, as well as other links to social media.

Your data is not stored in a database that can retrieve your information. We do not share your information with anyone. If you lose your QR Code, just come back and make a new one. If you want to display your information online, we suggest you use a social media account to share your Job Connection QR Code , such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Free QR Codes

The QR Code may be seen as a quick job connection intro, not a comprehensive job application or resume. You are asking for a gig, now or in the near future, not a full-time career job. You can provide more information about your work history, skills and credentials when you get a call-back. The professional skills or products you offer should be limited to 4-5 words.

QR Codes are available online from multiple sources for free. Just search for free QR codes. These sources may have their own limitations for the amount of data and lines of information you may enter. You don’t need a fancy or colorful QR Code for the job connection intro. For privacy, no one will see your QR Code unless you flash it. Make sure you’re comfortable with any information you display on your truck or public places.

Print your QR Code and fold it to display in a plastic ID badge holder with a lanyard to hang around your neck. You can buy these holder and lanyard kits at various office supply stores for just five or six dollars. For effective scanning from a safe distance, get a holder that is at least 4” x 4” and print or fold your QR Code accordingly.

If you’re crafty with images, you should be able to make a copy of your QR Code based on the best size. You can always display your QR Code on your phone, as well. When saving your QR Code to your device or computer, it's best to give the image file a name like your nick name, for example.

“QR” stands for Quick Response and the standard coding has been around since 1994. The data to be coded can include a website address and other information. Some free QR Code providers may not offer the quantity of space to include lengthy website URLs. There may also be security concerns with some websites.

For the purpose of simple quick job connection info we don’t recommend including any website URLs unless it’s a useful and short address like that for LinkedIn, for example. You can also search for jobs on LinkedIn once you create your page.

Promote Your Career

When you are settling down and ready to advance your career, you may benefit from the services of an employment agency or resume enhancing service. Most employment agencies are paid by the employer. You should not have to pay for these services. Resume editing and writing services are not free. They often focus on improving the use of keywords that employers use to screen their applicants.

A couple of our partners use automated algorithms to produce high quality resumes through interactive online forms. This reduces costs. You can explore these options and partake in a free trial at MerchantGoldmine. They also provide helpful information on the way employers screen applications, resumes and cover pages.

Day Laborer Opportunities

A few cities offer special promotional areas in public parks and facilities to help day laborers and people seeking workers get together. There are also a few cities that prohibit soliciting jobs in public spaces. You can search for day laborer opportunities to find out about resources in your area. There are also a few organizations devoted to protecting the rights of day laborers and protect them from abuses.

The State of California also sponsors a few Day Labor Centers mostly in northern California. They also provide good information for employers and licensing requirements. California Human Development has successfully implemented The National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) for over 40 years. The NFJP is a nationally-directed, locally-administered program of services for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their dependents.

If you learn about a job opportunity from LinkedIn or other job services that you cannot accept at this time, be sure to spread the word with your local day labor center.

Search for day laborers protection for resources in your area. There are also a few helpful videos. Help for unhoused people may be provided by several resources, such as those listed at 2givenow.org.

Be ready and fit to work. With your QR code, your phone may ring at any time.

Here is another example of a Free QR Code available from our partners.

Create your custom job search QR Code at mgoldmine.com.

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